PyCytoData: An Elegant Data Analysis Tool for CyTOF

Do you ever dream of using a single pipeline for all your CyTOF needs? Look no further: PyCytoData is all you need! We offer a complete pipeline for you to both acquire data as well as do downstream analyses. This is a flexible and extensible to support future packages and other workflows.

To get started, you can reference this quick example:

>>> from PyCytoData import DataLoader
>>> exprs = DataLoader.load_dataset(dataset = "levine13", preprocess=True)
Would you like to download levine13? [y/n]y

Download in progress...
This may take quite a while, go grab a coffee or cytomulate it!
>>>  exprs.run_dr_methods(methods = ["PCA", "UMAP", "ICA"])
Running PCA
Running ICA
Running UMAP

For more detailed documentations and examples, look at the topics and tutorials below! Enjoy your journey working with CyTOF datasets!

Full API Reference


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